The Grounds

On The Grounds.

Before the grounds there was a dugout
Before the dugout there were discussions.
Uncertainty amongst men on how things could turn out.
Laughter shared amongst rivals aiming to knock each other out.
The discussion,the passion,the focus and ambition none could be taken out.
Two squad with one dream and that’s to win.
So they draw swords ready to spill blood in the most entertaining fashion.
Surely none would love any to bleed but as the stakes rises so does the man.
Life on the grounds is as fun as it could be .
until things turn ugly for the other party.
A hamstring,a knock on the knee,a fractured disc and a broken bone.
All likely to be on the menu in the tensed venue.
Respect and immortality all here to be gained.
The pep talks and self hype,the press and the people they also have come to play.
All the practise and hard work must suffice.
Life on the grounds is more than Sand and a few lines.
It is more than grass and digital cameras.
The leather ball and spandex shirt.
The tackles,the dribbles and most importantly the rules dirt.
It’s about who you are and what you want to become.
The possibility of going a step further into the realm of immortality.
A trophy and a champagne bottle such vitality.
They say you make it or you break it.
Just don’t let another man take it.
Life on the grounds isn’t for the faint hearted.
You shed a tear when things get heated.
In the end we all must go home elated.
Because Life on the Grounds isn’t so guaranteed.


This is tale not for one but for all.

A tale about the darkest of night fall.

A Tale of truth and lies

A Travelers tale of anguish, happiness love and deceit.

A tale that begin when you set sail away from the ever welcoming hands of family.

When all the odds lay on the other side of the wall.

Money,Cars, Debt,investments,alcohol, cigarettes,drugs, women not to mention them all.

This was never planned, neither was is taught,Now you learn but the hard way.

Today you were a baby, basking in the tender hands of momma

Next day you are a 38 year old young man still with no clue about life.

Now you justify all your doings in the name of family.

Perhaps you become a perfect gentleman or you choose to be a gangster

Its a choice that’s yours and yours, the pain and tears that you might cause.

Mama  loves you more than the Moola and papa is just another brother.

The smile remains a farce when the money is scarce.










Gone are those days when you dey  play hide and i was the seeker.

Them days when we played peekaboo, Now tell me pls pls pls.

Whats the criteria for being my boo, so i can take you home with me.

And You can put this Body on me and mine on you.
You can lay your burden on me too.

I got 99 problems already tell me what you’re gonna do?
Tell me Pls Pls Pls.
Everyday, i remember i once i had you, but i blew my chances like boom.

Now i imagine dragons and fire balls, life seem a horror .
Every time Every time.
Every time i look into the mirror,you are mother superior .
I don’t see myself no more,

i’m Like Stevie wonder.

Cos if i see myself in you how then do i be myself when you are me and i am You.

Either way its win win for you plus my money i will spend on you .

In clear fact i will be a fool for you, just as long as its Me and You.

Forget the night outs with your girl gang we both know im the one with right bang,
The only one who takes you down town, them times when you call me Bobby Brown.

I hit the home run likes its super bowl and then you go oooo.
Oh no! Oh No!
Please stop the heart ache or my soul you will take along.

I admit to them times i balled all night and you made sure i made it home strong and not drunk.

Now I wana say thank you boo and i can’t find you.
Tell me what i gotta do Tell me pls, tell me pls pls pls.

if you say we are done.
please tell me how to move on.
how do i start all over when you are gone.

Now i’m shouting bring back my girl.

Pls i dont wanna waste no time.

A Bastard Named Boo Hari

Upon his shoulders was the fate of his beloved country
But his conduct was marked by open folly and vanity.
Making his people wail and tears endless.
His voters were clueless in this game of dirty politics
Smiling confidently as they make their way to the ballot boxes
with flyers and banners as they cast each votes
Surely , He was the messiah, the one who was promised.
They were sure he would steer them with iron fist
He did as they wished,the CHANGE, he provided served in a dish.
But he granted the peoples wish only for his selfish and greed
Forgetting the reason he was sworn in as Leader Supreme.
The Oath which he swore was null and void at this point.
He’s decision was his and his and yours remain yours.
There is cause for a state of emergency but his people did hope.
They hoped he would atleast make good use of his cerebral capacity.
Shed A Man’s blood even when innocent and another will fall in revenge.
No peace for the wicked but the pure and decent also suffer this distress
All hail the Bastard that came like a cold wind from the North.
For he was a president of shame a ruler of sham.
A Bastard Named Boo Hari, He had one Job and one Job he did.

Written By Donald.C. Nwokedi

Dear Mama Afrique

To My Motherland.
A nation filled with lots of heart ache and torture.
A pool of bad news,political show of magic and the dark art of deceit.
The youth clueless as they endulge in cheap tablets.
Tramadol, codeine, weed and cocaine.
You can name it and we  have got it.
And you can bet that’s the order of the day.
The Higher we are the happier, Oh, where did we go wrong dear Mama.
Negelecting the very cry of mother nature and her immediate need for change.
If we played deaf, do we also play blind hence we become these things.
The Dust Devil turned a whirl wind out of greed.
The unsatisfiable soul of the son of the man.
In this case sons of men, becos men they prefer to be called..
Like Nelson or his spouse winnnie madiba.
Who will step forth for our great mother Nigeria
Ending this non stop delusional trance and Psychotic delima .
Polictical gathering of fools and a show of shame of grey brains and ideas.
Do we weep separately or together or do we say stand up.
Wake up from our slumber.
The world they say waits for no man also doesn’t wait for no woman.
The government have remained stagnant.
Rotating Power and finance only by political merit.
Making a mockery of the simple and important activity of casting a vote.
All rights are stripped and economical disasters remain an epidemic.
The people, voodoo,the love and hate.
Each one coming strong and simultaneously having claim of importance
In God we trust indeed but trust they say is earned and not forced..
Let us stand up and say ‘¡Es suficiente!’
Which sinply means enough is enough.
Lets we sit back and be no difference with a lame man.
drink and drown from that dirty pool of bad news.
And hope this calms us down.
I weep for my motherland ,
For her children went away and her brothers paid no mind.


Penned for my beloved country in 3 stripes of two colours.
i pray that we soar higher once again like the eagle in the coat of arms.

Written by Donald C. Nwokedi

Songs Of Solomon

Yes me brethren lets  us merry and break bread.

Caucasians try to feel the pain of the ones in chains
Ever been on the other side of a whip or do you just weep

Wonder how there’s blood and there’s plenty money so far South
and there’s more blood and so little money in the west
the chase so tempting like mamma’s breast when i was a couple of years
echo from the west reaches down south the wind bring forth clouds.
the victims unknown and the other willing to go on their own
take ones life and spare another is that how to go further.
the targets and aims feels the same,the different pain for different folks.
waves and heat strokes tell why kill another bloke.
why do we do go out of hand and seek for direction in the end.
Pyramids and Towers who are they trying to over power.
hahaha, our food can be another man’s left overs
our joy could be his pain but we must pray to be on our lane.
life was hard before the existence of Man, the slave mill continue to grind
we close our eyes to lies and truth what then do we see
How we spread love and happiness oh don’t forget the viruses and sickness
tell Anna to stay back from being born else she will sing a song.
Tell a story or play a drum, beaters and cheaters whats the difference if they both bitter.
Yeah Tell it to Jah, Tell it to Jah perhaps the answers belong to son of man
Please tell your answers and i will tell mine lets share ideas
Mind you i believe in mine and mine and Jah before babylonian.
play the card by the card rules but my rules i play my way, My Bad.
oh sweet sweet songs of solomon pay heed to chaos in sodom and gomora
the lust for skin and next of kin,money birthed good partnership and evil collaboration.
the price we pay may differ but the pain remain ours to measure.
diffrent strokes for different folks,because the life we live to each his own.
Let them say the he moved in and out swiftly rather than staying stagnant in a vincinity
the world is big and small at the same time, the confusion depends on how we choose to see it.
Daily lives and limit each day trying to break our spirits.
we make the best of it by surpassing that limit and making sure that on the table there’s meat.

Songs of Solomon Let them hear it

Written By Donald C. Nwokedi

The Janet Effect

Like a trigger it was swift.

The effect of the ‘Janet’

A few months ago she was on the net

In cyber space,unknown a dime piece

There for the taking, A diamond in the dirt.

He was just a sailor on an adventure

In search of a heart to cater for, to love and cherish.

He had reached the end of the adventure, one can say its Janet Habour, bring down the anchor, all abort.

The effect of the ‘Janet’ you cant fight it.

Its metal to magnet closer and closer it draws you so inevitable and ultimately impossible.

A very good wave of energy one we would all love to embrace.

All hail the effect of Janet.

A little bit of poetry from me to you this beautiful day.

kisses and hugs my Queen

Whose name is Janet.



21 Red Lights Couple Of More Greens

its a sharp one, more like a Ronaldo shot

Whichever one its surely on target

there’s always a guarantee of 1 or 2 per game

or in the given  situation everyday .

direct and accurate, its a though’t
it’s hits you no matter what.
you ask questions of old.
we try to help one another but we barely surviving
it takes 2 wrestlers in the arena to have a fight
its within us, its awesome,its could be him

he could be her,we obey something.

one way or the order there’s an

agreement and a conflict looms
who leads the way its only but a question.
But we believe in our selves, i do
Don’t Know about you,
but do you care, you will be cruising your ship.,
i will be cruising mine and hope we done collide.
you ask me to split a dollar so we can both have 50 cents.
for peace and harmony. surely we shall ,so long as we drink wine.
legal was it from the days of old and so it shall be.
someday we hope to merry again on the other side.
again, i hope to drink wine, regardless of the consequences.
but hey, ney to a brother with the heart of a betrayal.
For a fool is all man and a fool is no Man
Twist and turns , sweet and thorns .
I laugh now, you should too, its the chronicles of existence and of mankind.


2 Sides Of A Coin

You try to paint a picture
Of who and what you are
the world gives another defination
its not really our world its just a world
One we happen to be living in just because
its okay to have your opinion but ill reserve mine
because obviously non hears the other cry out and non can help out.
its a barricade of souls trying to connect failing endlessly.
Perhaps seperation is natural, disunity, war, no woman, no cry and confusion all this questions.
its pretty nasty and tasty questions, i mean if you think of it.
we love to hate, live to die, Sleep to wake and sometimes never again, Eat to live, there’s always another.
win or lose, words and opposite, good and evil.
It just cant stand alone trying to connect but it stands alone.
So where now is the love because hate we are containing while trying to show it.
The peace begets the war the reason we are yet to know.
perhaps we dont care its just too crazy a question to ask.
the pattern have been the same all the days of the past.
it goes on and on, try to be good and it might just be bad, its how i see it
not how you see it,everyone’s sole priorities is self first.
cant cheat mother nature,it is as sure as being a mother to your kids.
so yeah we must give up the fight eventually and let the creator handle the rest
two sides of your coin so its two minds attached to one.

Written By Donald C Nwokedi

3 Lines 1 Edge

Its like the holy trinity,mysterious and lethal
each so sharp and deadly, good and evil in a balance
Putting us in a trance,for all bask in the eupohoria of the unknown.
the good and the bad,whats fine and beautiful and what’s not who makes the decisions
is it right or is it wrong, the question of how the pyramid came into existence.
The egyptians, The mummies whats fake and whats real, whats new and whats old.
3 humans different souls the mind connecting but the body disconnected.
Different lives, different vibes,low life and high rise same but different.
only time will tell,pray the reaper dont ring that bell .
if not, we will see in hell or heaven which ever comes first or best.
Love and hate they feel the same,with time all go separate ways.
The directions forever random and the destination forever unknown.
the trill and adrenalin, the buzz and fuzz always making its way around.
So many lives not so many life, many walk in the shadow others with a glow.
Trouble looms right after Peace reigns and it goes over and over again.
it is as certain as a 3 pointer from the hands of Kobe or dwayne.
Happy holidays orlazy days, good times and hard times they join hands
a couple so its double the trouble living happily ever after.
a fairy tale but its happening to you but its no tale is just you.
believe in religion or humanity the choice solely yours
Roses and thorns hurt just as much, roses color red and thorns draw blood when they pierce.
Danger brews at the point of merriment a dancing crowd and suddenly a weeping dad.
Yes! Yes! its us, says Isis as they lay in wait to claim responsibility.
West Minster the bridge and paris, the cinema shooting and missing persons
rich or poor what use is the money when we are no more.

in the midst of many we are one and in one we are legion.
how many voices to listen,souls searching and body aching.
People are like the pope they come as a visit and they go.
In due time, ‘Time will tell by itself there’s no need to set an Alarm.
Patience pays and impatience pays more for the right price you get whats yours.
We are all humans connected by our instinct and by blood. some turned sour
Others stayed red and some blue, steady dragging each other to the nearest precint.
There’s a price to pay for every crime and a price to pay for no crime.
The confidence is best offensive or non existent.

Written by Donald C Nwokedi