2 Sides Of A Coin

You try to paint a picture
Of who and what you are
the world gives another defination
its not really our world its just a world
One we happen to be living in just because
its okay to have your opinion but ill reserve mine
because obviously non hears the other cry out and non can help out.
its a barricade of souls trying to connect failing endlessly.
Perhaps seperation is natural, disunity, war, no woman, no cry and confusion all this questions.
its pretty nasty and tasty questions, i mean if you think of it.
we love to hate, live to die, Sleep to wake and sometimes never again, Eat to live, there’s always another.
win or lose, words and opposite, good and evil.
It just cant stand alone trying to connect but it stands alone.
So where now is the love because hate we are containing while trying to show it.
The peace begets the war the reason we are yet to know.
perhaps we dont care its just too crazy a question to ask.
the pattern have been the same all the days of the past.
it goes on and on, try to be good and it might just be bad, its how i see it
not how you see it,everyone’s sole priorities is self first.
cant cheat mother nature,it is as sure as being a mother to your kids.
so yeah we must give up the fight eventually and let the creator handle the rest
two sides of your coin so its two minds attached to one.

Written By Donald C Nwokedi

3 Lines 1 Edge

Its like the holy trinity,mysterious and lethal
each so sharp and deadly, good and evil in a balance
Putting us in a trance,for all bask in the eupohoria of the unknown.
the good and the bad,whats fine and beautiful and what’s not who makes the decisions
is it right or is it wrong, the question of how the pyramid came into existence.
The egyptians, The mummies whats fake and whats real, whats new and whats old.
3 humans different souls the mind connecting but the body disconnected.
Different lives, different vibes,low life and high rise same but different.
only time will tell,pray the reaper dont ring that bell .
if not, we will see in hell or heaven which ever comes first or best.
Love and hate they feel the same,with time all go separate ways.
The directions forever random and the destination forever unknown.
the trill and adrenalin, the buzz and fuzz always making its way around.
So many lives not so many life, many walk in the shadow others with a glow.
Trouble looms right after Peace reigns and it goes over and over again.
it is as certain as a 3 pointer from the hands of Kobe or dwayne.
Happy holidays orlazy days, good times and hard times they join hands
a couple so its double the trouble living happily ever after.
a fairy tale but its happening to you but its no tale is just you.
believe in religion or humanity the choice solely yours
Roses and thorns hurt just as much, roses color red and thorns draw blood when they pierce.
Danger brews at the point of merriment a dancing crowd and suddenly a weeping dad.
Yes! Yes! its us, says Isis as they lay in wait to claim responsibility.
West Minster the bridge and paris, the cinema shooting and missing persons
rich or poor what use is the money when we are no more.

in the midst of many we are one and in one we are legion.
how many voices to listen,souls searching and body aching.
People are like the pope they come as a visit and they go.
In due time, ‘Time will tell by itself there’s no need to set an Alarm.
Patience pays and impatience pays more for the right price you get whats yours.
We are all humans connected by our instinct and by blood. some turned sour
Others stayed red and some blue, steady dragging each other to the nearest precint.
There’s a price to pay for every crime and a price to pay for no crime.
The confidence is best offensive or non existent.

Written by Donald C Nwokedi


I am the good laced with evil, I know what was and what is to come.

I hear the cry of freedom from deep within, The scream of salvation is but only a whisper.

I know my role and I play it well, I can see the future by looking at the past.

I know who I am and I mean no harm to any man.

I walk my path alone and will do till it aches my back bone.

I shall be the beam of light in a world full of fright, When things go bad,

I will make it right,I fight this war not for anyone but to satisfy my soul.

I am neither strong nor weak just somewhere in between.

I love myself and all that Love me too.

I am the moon and the stars, the sun and the rainbow.

I am everything and I am nothing.

I seek not to win the battle but to remain until the opponent taps out.

I look not for trouble but it comes nevertheless, up in the sky I shall look for glory.

I am who I am,I am me.


Long Run To Success.

It’s a dark space,a dark place only when we step in we can see the light.

Everystep we take and muscle we pull along the way only set us up right.

There is no right time,the right time is right now, heaven is waiting do is hades too.

Wake up every morning with a warm heart and seize the day like Dracula  ‘Boo Hoo’

Its a success story but it never ends and its gory,stepping on snakes and nails till Glory.

Its a long trail home but toss that bone and watch me chase like a canine.

We stay in line even when the journey goes turpsy turvy, rollercoaster type of life.

Never expected a clean fight or we would rather not, after ball what more is life.

Tough Jobs or soft work what do we care, get something done or gerrarahere!!

Born shy, i was never prepared, ready I was but informed I was not.

Like a movie it’s a must watch like it or not it must premiere.

Get that gold bars spend that gold in pubs and bars.

Something in the stars make them keep coming back as long as the chase remain back to back.

Written By Donald C Nwokedi.


In A Nut Shell

Scars, Prejudice,Injuries and difficult situations,you seem too unlucky.

Sometimes the injuries are self inflicted but the pain remains natural.

Surely we have had better days,So who says we cant have it bulky.

We could be trying to die but living instead or living but dying .

The balance of life and death is in between the wire and Its neutral.

Master Your self before you master anything else,Self first.

Only to those who need you the most then you can selfless.

Love gives life to many but that same love can take one.

When you cross a busy road you look both ways by night or at dawn.

In a nut shell, Life will ring the wedding bells ready for marriage or not.

So we go out there kicking , punching and even biting.

Its a battle been fought by those before us and one that all must certainly meet.

One heart beat is better than none and there are two sides of a coin.

In a nut shell, Where do you choose to win or to lose.






Love From Afar

How can she be so close and yet seem so far

For everytime he tried to communicate with her

To no avail, Everytime she seem to draw further away

Perhaps, the language difference scares her

The body language says something different.

Atleast he tried to reach out,but she always backed out.

Day in and Day out,Come rain and come sunshine

His feelings remained in her ears he did whisper.

How does he tell her that his Love is without language.

How does she understand that his feelings for her cant be caged.

She in turns knows this without being told but for her barground she must withhold.

She was comfortable with the attention she received.

to give back she had no intention.

From a distance she prefered to be loved.

From a distance she prefered to Love.

Somewhere in the South

Somewhere in the south. There are lots of bottles and lots of models, they go together like beef stew and pap.

Its the fast life and fat life, you could be careful not to get carried away or you could throw caution to the wind and go with the flow.

Too many blunts you might not need to pass,I got mine you got yours fuck a puff puff pass.

Somewhere in the south its knives, tasers, swords and daggers,better to watch how you move at night cos you can still get mugged in broad day light.

The cops always asking that you to make a plan,schemes ,deceit and constant demand for cash individually who is to judge who.

Somewhere in the south its guns and roses. Would you dare or rather be scared.

The Drugs flow faster than a strong river current, the arrests concurrent.

Police and thieves ,the gun fires consistent,a death per day is sure like pay day.